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“For today and its blessings, I owe the world an attitude of gratitude.”

"Now get ready for a special trip and let Evita take you through a variety of moves and grooves. Enjoy her catchy competitions and lyrics, never predictable, set in great arrangements. With this album, her very first, Evita makes a statement that's more than clear: y'all better watch out, Sweet Caramel is here!!"
Denise Jannah, The Netherlands

"Evita is a passionate and dynamic songwriter/vocalist. Passionate and knowledgeable about so many different styles of music. A dynamic, polished performer that can deliver a classic Jazz, Pop or R&B classic just as easy as she can the latest hits. She amazes me by her ability to sing in so many languages. Evita is very easy to work with because she knows exactly want she wants." 
Eric Johnson

"Evita is the real thing!  A singer; no, an ARTIST, of genuine, shimmering talent; a unique and versatile voice that I promise you will raise the bar in Jazz, Pop and whatever genre she chooses! A true world-class talent!"
 Jerry Wells, Philly Syndication Network's  "All Things Jazz", USA

"This past week we featured “Evita Tjon A Ten” every day at 3pm est. for our “Smooth Jams radio presents show” and every day it seemed more and more listeners tuned in as the week closed in on Friday. An artist on the rise (Evita Tjon A Ten) with a sweet caramel voice to satisfy all your cravens for your ears. A must have cd for your auto and tracks for your mp3 player."
DJ Koolbob, Smooth Jams Radio, New York, USA, November 2011

Video Recommendation by Jerry Canizales

"Evita's new cd  establishes a new era in her musical life that captivates her audience. and leaves them breathless. Her ability to  sing standards provides a fresh approach to classic songs and perpetuates their timelessness." 
Radio DJ, Jay Edwards, www.wclk.com, Atlanta, USA

"Any singer who wants to make it in the highly competitive music scene of Europe (or any place in the world nowadays, for that matter), should possess the voice of angel, the looks of a model, an encyclopedic knowledge of various styles, the pr-skills of a senior marketing manager and the perseverance of a marathon runner. Judged by her debut record as a leader, it looks like Evita has it all, even at the tender age of 25. She’s ready to conquer the world!’’  
Jeroen de Valk, A jazz writer since the 70s, Jeroen is the author of a.o. the first biographies on Chet Baker and Ben Webster.

"Op haar site krijg je de indruk slechts met een jazz zangeres te maken te hebben, maar op de CD blijkt zij over meer dan alleen jazztalenten te beschikken. De funk, soul, salsa en een vleugje reggae bewijzen haar veelzijdigheid. Evita & The SIRs, Sweet Caramel is een aanwinst. Geen popmuziek, maar heerlijke muziek om aangenaam bij te verpozen." 
Stuart Rahan, De Ware Tijd, Suriname

"Het zal voor Evita een behoorlijke opgave zijn om het niveau van deze debuutplaat te evenaren. Als het haar lukt dan is zij niet meer weg te denken van de internationale pop- of jazzpodia." Society World

"Hun eerste album Sweet Caramel is, zoals de titel doet vermoeden, een lekkernij! En live zijn ze ook niet te versmaden."  Big is Beautiful Winter 2011

"Met 'Sweet Caramel' gaat deze jazz-zangeres de wereld veroveren."  VIVA  nr 12, 14-20 maart, 2012

"This ‘girl’ is multitalented and we are very anxious to see what her future brings us. ‘Sweet Caramel’: you just want to keep ‘eating’ till there is no more left, feeling sad you finished them all, ‘cause you just want MORE!!!"                      Hype Merchants

"Het resultaat is beslist de moeite waard en een absolute aanrader voor iedereen die van "echt" muziek houdt. Breed op het gebied van muzikale stijlen van zeer hoge kwaliteit." Ward Hessels, de Nederlandse Jazzkalender

"Waar talrijke vocalisten met goedkope of nagezongen liedjes en populair gedoe zo snel mogelijk beroemd denken te zullen worden, bewandelt Evita net als bijvoorbeeld Denise Jannah en Humprey Campbell een andere weg. De blijvende waardering zal, als ze dit weet vol te houden, kritisch blijft en blijft groeien, vele malen hoger zijn."  Ronald Snijders, recensent Parbode, Nederland-Suriname

"Goeie band, Goeie chick, gewoon goed, lekker! Echt heel goed!!!!" Giel Beelen 3FM

"I just want to say that all positive and inspiring quotes about Evita are true! She is an artist in every way and spreads her wonderful (though modest) personality with her warm voice, which is as sweet as our LONKA Caramel. No matter how bad the weather is, her presence and performance will give you a warm and cosy feeling. Not afraid to try different styles and languages she surprises and moves many people. I do hope her music will spread around the world, because everyone deserves to enjoy Evita’s music." Patricia Scheggetman, LONKA

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